ver the last few years a new sound has been gaining momentum here in Europe. More and more bands have been visiting these shores bringing a new sound from over the atlantic ocean. Their music is using familiar instruments like guitars, accordions and fiddles played in a way that is fresh and vibrant. Its home is in swamps and prairies of Louisiana, but bands from over the seas are finding a warm welcome in clubs and festivals 3000 miles away from their roots. The music isn’t new of course, its traditions are centuries old, but to many people here in Europe it comes like a breath of fresh air. With its driving beat, heartfelt emotions, and trancelike melodies it strikes a chord with 21st century ears.

The Cajun Roosters are a five piece band specialising in the music of Soutwest Louisiana, deep in the South of the USA - five musicians from five different countries, all devoted to Cajun and Zydeco music!

They love playing blues, jazz, folk and roots festivals, as well as Cajun/Zydeco festivals as their repertoire appeals to many audiences. This repertoire includes not just Cajun and Zydeco but also Swamp Blues, Louisiana Rock ‘n Roll, Creole and New Orleans beats. They have also carved out a reputation as one of the most popular headline bands on the summer outdoor stage circuit winning over big audiences in city squares all over Europe many of whom have never heard Cajun or Zydeco music before!


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ormed 10 years ago, they quickly established a reputation as the band most likely to bring this music to a wider public. They were picked up by Mark Lamarr and invited to be in session on his BBC show for Radio 2 “Gods jukebox”. The band has been performing all over Europe as well as in Indonesia at the Worldmusic Festival SimFes in Sawahlunto/Sumatra.

The band plays music from the Louisiana swamps and prairies north west of New Orleans. One of the last great undiscovered musics of the modern world. It is a music which instantly grabs an audience and infuses them with a feeling of bonhomie and good times; instant happiness as fiddle and accordion weave their magic spell over unsuspecting audiences. Cajun and Zydeco is the main course mixed with a healthy side order of bayou blues and swamped up rock n roll. Their inspiration comes from players like Nathan Abshire, The Balfa Brothers, Johnnie Allan, Balfa Toujours, John Delafose, Zydeco Force, Iry Lejeune, Boozoo Chavis, Steve Riley, Canray Fontenot, Slim Harpo, and Amadee Ardoin. They play with energy, intensity and passion, infusing life into old standards and new compositions. It is broadly speaking Cajun and Zydeco with a modern edge played with attitude but with a deep heartfelt respect for the old masters of the tradition. Every gig is a celebration of the richness of a Louisiana musical culture that all the members of this band love and understand. Every gig is non stop Louisiana party. Laissez les bon rouler as they say in Louisiana.  Let the good times roll!

Their latest projects in the making alongside tours with major Louisiana acts was their seventh CD ‘Hell Yeah!’ (released October 2013), showcasing the recent line-up for the first time. The CD won the CFMA-Award in Louisiana for 'Best CD from a non-Louisiana Band'.