Cajun Roosters 3


he Cajun Roosters 3 are a powerhouse trio specialising in music from deep in the swamps, bayous and prairies of Southwest Louisiana. Three musicians from three different countries, united by their love for this music. Chris Hall from England, David Buyle from Belgium and Hazel Scott from Scotland, usually play all over the festival stages of Europe with the big rockin’ 5 piece Cajun Roosters, but here the trio get to stretch that ol’ traditional muscle, strip it down and get back to the old-time roots. In this “back-porch” line up they get to showcase songs from their latest trio album “Fire It Up”, which reaches back to writers and performers like Dewey Balfa, Nathan Abshire and Cleoma Breaux.

It’s the music of dancehalls, house parties and smoky bars where people gather for good times at the end of a hard working week. Songs about hard times, love and longing, over the infectious and irresistible beat of fiddle, accordion, and guitar. It’s a music that puts smiles on faces and feet on the dancefloor. Whether it´s a seated concert, a dancehall venue, a house party or a festival stage, this band is equally at home. Between them they combine over 60 years of experience in this genre and are guaranteed to communicate their love and enthusiasm for this music with its driving rhythms, heartfelt emotions and trancelike melodies! 

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